Direct-C's proprietary technology is the result of advanced research conducted by Dr. Simon Park and Dr. Kaushik Parmar from the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering. Both Dr. Park and Dr. Parmar have a background in nano-composite materials which led them to the exploration of polymer absorption sensors. In collaboration with Innovate Calgary, the research team developed a working prototype to meet the requirements of the oil and gas and pipeline sector. The technology they developed provides rapid, accurate detection of hydrocarbons through an immediate change in the electrical properties of the sensor.

In 2014, after applying for Canadian and Worldwide patents for the sensors, Dr. Park, Dr. Parmar and Innovate Calgary launched Direct-C Limited  to commercialize the sensor technology. The primary benefits of this paint-like hydrocarbon sensor include direct detection (not a proxy), extremely fast detection speed, high accuracy and sensitivity, high reliability through low false positives and efficacy in a wide range of operating conditions. 

Direct-C is currently engaged in the development and commercialization of a line of products for hydrocarbon leak detection in the oil and gas and pipeline industry.